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Animal Control

Belchertown Animal Control

Committed to people and their

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday  9 AM-9PM

Jackson Street Shelter hours:
By appointment only, please call 






                              If your pet is missing, please call us. If we do not have your pet, we will take the necessary information and will contact you if we are notified of it being found. 

All calls received outside of regular business hours will be returned when regular hours resume. 

If you have an animal emergency outside of our regular hours, call the Belchertown Police Department at 323-6685. If your call is a true emergency, they will contact us if necessary. 

REMEMBER….NEVER call 9-1-1 for an animal issue unless a human is being attacked!



Belchertown Animal Control | Available for Adoption | Animals Reported as Missing | Programs for your Pets | Links to Pet Friendly Businesses
 | Grief and Pet Loss Support

To contact us: 

Phone- 413-519-1754
Email- Afenton@belchertown.org


Emergency information
Emergency information will be posted here.... More
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