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                     Welcome to the Department of Public Works
                                                    Director, Steven J. Williams
                                                290 Jackson Street, P.O. Box 306
                                                     Belchertown, MA 01007
                                                   Telephone: (413) 323-0415
                                                      Fax: (413) 323-0470
                                               Email: swilliams@belchertown.org.


                                           Transfer Station Permit Notification

Just a reminder that all town residents who wish to access the Transfer Station & Recycling Center, located at 135 Hamilton Street, Belchertown, must have a Permit Sticker to enter the facility in order to dispose of their solid waste and recyclables. Residents who wish to access the station must have a permit sticker which is valid from March 1st, annually, and are currently being sold for $100.00 each, Senior Citizen 65+ are $80.00.

Orange town trash bags for your solid waste disposals may also be purchased in a variety of places and are currently being sold in bundles of 10 for $17.00/ large, or $12.00 /small.

Additional information regarding fees for special items that need to be disposed of,as well as a comprehensive list of recyclables accepted can also be located on this website. Simply located Transfer Station Rules & Regulations, located here at the left side of this page. 
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                                     WINTER PARKING BAN

  • There will be no parking on any public way in Belchertown from 11:00PM to 7:00AM from November 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014.
  • There will be no parking at any time during the day or night when there is a snowstorm in progress and the snow removal trucks are clearing said public ways.
  • Persons not adhering to this regulation will have their vehicle towed at their own expense



During the winter season, the Department of Public Works provides sand to town residents only- no contractors. Residents are required to provide their own buckets, shovel and means of transportation. Sand is located at the DPW highway garage location at 290 Jackson Street. There is no fee.


The Department of Public Works has on occasion, unusable fill available to town residents/contractors.  This is excavated material as a result of construction projects/roadwork. If you are interested, please contact the Department of Public Works at (413) 323-0415. You must be able to provide us with the following information:

  1. Name, address and telephone number of property owner requesting fill?
  2.  How much fill you are requesting and description of area to be filled?

             All  Requests will be reviewed and approval/denial will be rendered.


                                            CEMETERY NOTIFICATION

The Department of Public Works Cemetery Division would like to remind all residents of Chapter § 208-1. Rules & Regulations regarding the adornship of monuments/markers within all town cemeteries. All residents should be advised that only one flowerpot is permitted per grave, and must be placed on the flush marker. The Director of Public Works or his agent shall have the sole authority to enter upon any grave and remove said flowerpots when they restrict maintenance activities. Curbing, corner posts, fences, hedges, shrubs, hanging and flowering plants on or about any lot(s) are prohibited, except as approved by the Director Public Works or his agent. Absolutely no planting will be allowed
                                                     CEMETERY SEARCH

                                   Searching for someone? Click on the link below.





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